YouTube CENSORS one of the most powerful scenes in my documentary
EDIT: Success! YouTube has re-enabled access to the video. Thanks for all of your support!

HIGH has received a lot of support from film-watchers, and documentary lovers, as well as the drug reform community. And today something happened that just made me extremely hot under the collar.

I logged into the YouTube account I use for HIGH-related content (and other things) and received this message.

Yes, YouTube informed me that they have censored what is perhaps the most important and powerful scene in the documentary. Displaying a vicious abuse of power of prison guards, prisoners are made to crawl on the ground, strip naked, bend over, and all of this in front of other prisoners and caught on camera.

There was nothing sexual or provocative about this. Nothing lurid. Just horrifying. HIGH is not about the sexuality in any way, and neither is this clip. Whatever mouth-breather at YouTube that decided that this clip -- which comes from one of the most-viewed Netflix documentaries and sixth most-viewed documentary of all-time on Hulu -- deserved to be censored, I would like to speak with them and ask them what, precisely, was going through their heads.

So, YouTube, I just have to ask: precisely what about this clip (which was already restricted to be watched by people who were logged in and listed their age as over 18) made it worthy of being completely removed, censored, and deleted from the site?

EDIT: Here's an upload of the clip in question:

Prisoners abused and treated like dogs (WARNING: Nudity, disturbing content) from John Holowach on Vimeo.

13 Sep 2011 by John