HIGH is now on Hulu!
EDIT 5: Make that 5th.

EDIT 4: Make that the 6th most-viewed documentary of all-time. Thanks to everyone for your support!

EDIT 3: HIGH is now the 8th most-viewed documentary of all-time on Hulu. Thanks to all of you for your support! Because of the success online, it'll soon be coming (legally) to the UK. More on that soon.

EDIT 2: Due to a great deal of interest, I am available for interviews and other media appearances. Please email john [at] synergeticdistribution [dot] com if you wish to get in contact.

EDIT: On September 8, 9, AND 10, 2010, HIGH was the #1 film on Hulu! Thanks to everyone who helped get it there!

If you want, watch it directly on Hulu.
07 Sep 2010 by John