My friends and neighbors, it's been awhile. But Terra Entertainment has now picked up HIGH for distribution and it will be released this November!

We will be updating all locations where you can buy or rent it on the release date so that you know where you can get it


* Chicago - Columbia College Chicago - Nov. 13 @ 7:30 PM (buy tickets!)

WHERE TO RENT OR BUY: (more coming soon)

Note that some of these linked pages list dates other than the 18th, but I assure you that the 18th is the correct release date.

* Hollywood Video (every location nationwide!)
* Netflix
* Blockbuster Online
* Best Buy
* Fry's Electronics
* Hundreds of independent video chains (call them and ask, and if they don't have it, tell them to get it!)

And here's the updated trailer (though the release date is incorrect, so apologies for the manual addition over the top):

Stay tuned, and thanks for all your support over the years!
10 Nov 2008 by John

A Brief List of People Who Have Smoked Marijuana

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07 Nov 2008 by John

How to save the economy...
03 Nov 2008 by John

Get HIGH in Chicago on November 13

As you see below, the DVD of HIGH will be released on Nov 18, but the Chicago premiere will be on November 13!

You can purchase tickets to the event right here.
31 Oct 2008 by John

Ask Why.
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Ask Why on MySpace (coming soon)

25 Oct 2008 by John

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